Locate Car Wrapping Locations Near You

photo of car wraps service location

Car wrapping is a process through which you change your vehicle’s color or add cool graphics to it. Skilled technicians do this by wrapping large sheets of self-adhesive vinyl – hence the name.

Since the finished process looks just as good as a good paint job, you’ve probably seen this process without even knowing it.

The History of Car Wrapping

This is a process that’s been around for many years now. Initially, car wrapping was mainly popular in commercial applications. You’ve probably seen taxis and buses driving around with advertising on them. This too is a form of car wrapping.

There are various sizes, colors, and qualities of closeby car wraps available today. It’s important you choose high-quality wrapping material as it conforms best to the stretching process.

Remember, the nearby car wrap must fit around the various curves and contours of your vehicle and you’ll also want it to stay there for many years into the future without lifting up because it didn’t adhere properly. Some car wraps even last for a decade, whereas people need their car repainted well before this time has elapsed.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Car

One of the most obvious benefits of wrapping your car is that it immediately changes your car’s color. This is also a great way of protecting the vehicle’s original paintwork from any minor chips and scratches that may occur as you drive your vehicle. Some of the other added benefits of the nearest car wraps include:

  • It adds to your car’s resell value because when you remove the wrap the condition still has a flawless paint job, as long as it had one when it was originally wrapped. As such, you can look at car wrapping as an investment in your car’s future.
  • When you get tired of the wrap you can easily remove it and add a new wrap or restore your car to its original color. After all, there are hundreds of colors and finishes available including Matt Black, Carbon Fibre, and Pearl Effect.
  • While paint voids warranties and leases, car wraps don’t.
  • You can’t use paint to reproduce many of the different styles of car wraps close to you. When properly cared for they’re better than paint anyways. Plus you honestly can’t tell it’s not painted.
  • Car wrapping only costs a small part of what you’d pay for an entire re-spray of your vehicle.

The Car Wrapping Process

The entire process only takes as much as three days depending on your vehicle’s size and the car wrap’s complexity. You’ll want to make sure the company you choose to do the work for you is highly experienced and that they’re known for paying a lot of attention to their work.

Both of these factors make a big impact on the finished look of your car once it’s wrapped. This is why it’s also a good idea to see some examples of their previous work before you hire them.

While looking through their portfolio is good, it’s even better if you can take a look at a vehicle they’ve wrapped in the past.